Life is certainly full of opportunity to create art and has been part of my life journey. My scope of work includes illustrator, painter, sculptor, and screen printer with emphasis in bold colorful fine art. Using my imagination, vision, intuitiveness and willingness to take risks, my art can be playful or pull a meaning unique to each piece. Most of my collection celebrates ‘the Southwest and the Cowboy’ who is illustrated in various settings that bring a smile to most. I kicked off my professional journey as an artist in Austin, Texas, around 1987 with the then infamous Gallery “EL Taller” showcasing a collection of my work accompanied by such well known artists as R. C. Gorman, Andrew Lazerine & Amado Pena just to name a few! Moving from Austin to Albuquerque, my art continued to evolve with many pieces placed in galleries in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, New York and, of course, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I still reside in Albuquerque and enjoy the amazing beauty the state offers which is rich in culture and landscape. Whether I am creating a poster for the world renowned Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta or designing a tree ornament for the White House, these are special projects that I continue to enjoy. My art allows me self-expression and the ability to communicate the emotion of humor and the sense of beauty found in everyday life.